Code of Conduct

Swing Dancing For Everyone to Enjoy

Code of Conduct

South West Swing is dedicated to promoting swing dancing throughout the South West of Western Australia. At our events, everyone is there because they enjoy swing music, dance and culture! We welcome all people to dance events regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance race or religion. South West Swing is committed to providing a safe scene for everyone to enjoy. All people engaging in our events are required to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct to help ensure a sage and fun environment is created for everybody to enjoy.

What is Not Okay?

Any unwanted or or unwelcome behaviour (sexual or otherwise) which makes a person feel offended, humiliated, or intimidated. Examples of harassment and bullying include but are not limited to:

  • Inappropriate verbal comments, teasing, or putting down of others
  • Intimidation or stalking
  • Unwanted physical contact or unwanted sexual advances
  • Posting unwanted, unauthorised or inappropriate material on social media, particularly when directed at or about an individual
  • Any inappropriate, bullying or harassing text messages
  • Behaviour that may be considered an offense under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking, or obscene communications.
What is Okay?
  • Be good people: do not use misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or racist language.
  • Ask for verbal consent: “Would you like to dance?” “Would you like a drink?”
  • Even if you’ve been given consent before, ask every time.
  • Respect the bodies and persons of other people: do not touch anyone without asking permission, do not touch anyone inappropriately, and stop if someone asks you to. Do not harass or pester someone who has already said no to a dance.

If someone you know, verbally or non-verbally, that they are feeling uncomfortable, address your behaviour, apologise sincerely, and make a change immediately.

How can I report something?

Do you feel like there has been a breach of our Code of Conduct? Tell us! If you are injured, feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or are experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behaviour, please let us know. We will take immediate action. We will handle any issue, big or small, with absolute seriousness and in the strictest confidence.

You can approach:

  • A member of our committee
  • If you do not feel comfortable speaking to someone in person, you can email [email protected]

Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a range of outcomes, from a conversation and reference to the Code of Conduct, to expulsion from our venues and events.

Stays and Hosting Code of Conduct


Both Hosts and Guests must:

1.   Treat each other and every other person in the during your stay around Boogie Down South (BDS) in a fair, respectful and polite manner. Be considerate of other peoples’ feelings and needs, including things like not touching any person or their personal belongings without permission. Understand that your customs or beliefs may differ. Have an open mind. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable.

2.   Keep your environment clean, tidy, and safe.

3.   Communicate clearly and effectively and cooperate to resolve any misunderstandings or issues that might arise.

4.   Provide each other with contact details. Be careful not to share any information you receive with anyone else without the Guest’s or Hosts’ permission.

5.   Establish ground rules with one another; what’s okay and what’s not for each party so that respect can be maintained throughout the weekend.

6.   Do not assume: your Host or Guest is not there to drive you around, help you sight see, or open up beyond their comfort.


1.   Leave the space you’ve been provided as you found it (or nicer if you choose!).

2.   You are responsible for your own costs:

a.       Transport,

b.       Food and drink,

c.       Other personal costs,

d.       Ask permission before using their telephone or Wi-Fi,

e.       If you cause any damage to the home, you will be expected to pay for repairs.

3.   Comply with any reasonable ‘house rules’ the Host gives you. These may include:

a.       use or not of kitchen areas,

b.       using resources such as water and electricity responsibly,

c.       keeping noise to a minimum,

d.       preferred entry/exit times of the home.

4.   Pay your any optionally charged fees in total on the first date of your stay.

5.   Be sensible and safe. Always ask your Host’s permission before inviting any other person to the Host’s Home for any period of time.

6.   Ask your Host before bringing alcohol into the Home or smoking when you’re near the Home. Smoking is never allowed inside the Home unless express consent is given. 

7.   If you are camping, ensure you provide your own camping equipment unless otherwise agreed upon between the Guest and the Host.

8.   Thank your host! Hosts are welcoming you to their home in the spirit of Lindy Hop and the community and joy we collectively share. It’s advisable to leave your host with a gift of appreciation.


1.   Make yourself and your Home available to your Guest on the agreed upon days. Provide your guest with means of accessing the home and basics for sleeping: pillows, sheets, blanket, etc. If your guest will be camping, ensure they know where they are camping.

2.   Make your Guest aware of the layout of the Home, where they will sleep (room, bed, couch, etc.), location of bathroom, any instructions (for household appliances or amenities) and outline which appliances, amenities, and areas are available for use.

3.   Clearly explain your household rules.

4.   Respect the privacy of your Guest and never engage in any physical contact under any circumstances.

If you need emergency assistance, crisis hotlines such as the below are also available to you.

Have fun, make friends. Be supportive and respectful of each other, and keep each other safe.

Thank you to the Perth Swing Dance Society for their support with providing the framework for Boogie Down South’s Code of Conduct.