with Tyedric & Bronna (USA) and Miya & Josh (Melbourne)
Enjoy 8 hours of workshops on Saturday and Sunday, plus a Monday challenger class.

We’re excited to introduce two class streams, Gnarabup and Injidup, designed to cater to the diverse needs and experiences of our Lindy Hop community. Named after local places in honour of the traditional custodians, these levels allow attendees to tailor their learning journey according to their skill and comfort. Please note that class levels are subject to availability and review as needed.

Saturday and Sunday’s Injidup and Gnarabup classes will be shared evenly across our two sets of instructors: Tyedric & Breonna and Miya and Josh.

Specialty Hour: 1 hour of mystery (we’re leaving it in the hands of our expert teachers to decide). Think anything from solo jazz, to New Orleans style lindy, to different dance styles like blues. TBA in August.


Gnarabup: like the calm bay of Gnarabup beach, these classes are open to any level and will be suitable for the majority of attendees. If you’re looking to keep your weekend nice and chill (and save your energy for social dancing or even a cheeky wine tasting), or have between 1-2 years of dancing under your belt, this may the stream for you.

About you: you’ve been bitten by the lindy bug – you’ve been going regularly to classes and socials for up to a few years and frequently tout Lindy Hop as your favourite hobby. You’re comfortable with lindy hop and charleston rhythms, patterns, and are comfortable with all the classic moves and a couple of variations (think swing outs, pass bys, bust outs, tuck turns). You now incorporate new rhythms and variations into your dancing.

Injidup: Injidup beach is known for its intense swell and explosive waves, crashing and tumbling over natural rock formations. Like its waves, expect these workshops to be more of a challenge and are best suited to intermediate and plus dancers. These workshops are designed to stretch you and work both your body and mind. These sessions focus on advanced techniques, complex rhythms, and creativity.

About you: you’ve been dancing for a while now (likely several years!). Swing dancing has reached a level of comfort that you naturally add on rhythms, and express musicality and styling in your dancing. You like to be challenged and are driven to constantly improve your skills. You are comfortable in your role (lead or follow) but have some experience in your B role, you’re comfortable with solo jazz, and have a couple of routines under your belt. You’re aware that this class might push your boundaries and have a goal to challenge yourself over the weekend.

Challenger Class: Monday morning we’re excited to host a 1.5 hour advanced class with Tyedric and Breonna. This class is for experienced dancers. Teachers may be conduct level checks as needed.

About you: you’ve been around for a long time. You understand that Lindy Hop is a conversation between yourself and your partner and are comfortable with the back and fourth exchange of ideas. You regularly express different patterns, rhythms, and musicality in your partnered and solo dancing. You are comfortable switching between leading and following, dancing to music of varying tempos (from very slow to quite fast), and love to express yourself to the music.

PLEASE NOTE: Challenger Class is a separate class, not included in any full, social, or workshop passes.

Saturday and Sunday: Margaret River Rec Center
Monday: Cowaramup District Club

More details on Saturday and Sunday locations at the Margaret River Rec Centre TBA.