Michelle Lee and Jung-Pil Choi

Two of Asia’s best dancers.

South West Swing are EXTREMELY excited to have two rising stars of the global Lindy Hop scene come to teach. South Koreans Michelle Lee and Jung-Pil Choi are dancers and instructors widely recognized for their creative musicality and unique style. The pair started teaching in 2006 and quickly became some of the swing world’s most sought-after instructors, and have been invited as guest instructors by a number of dance communities in Korea as well as Lindy Shock in Budapest last year.

Their primary goal in dance is to make it more fun, and that is why they always encourage students to feel and enjoy this wonderful dance. Whilst traveling all over the world, they’ve learned from the best teachers, danced with many talented dancers, and found their own philosophy of dance. They love to experiment and find new ways of having fun on the floor. Living in Seoul means that there are several places to dance every night… and yet they still look for more because they just can’t get enough of it.

They look so cool! What will I learn?