Tyedric Hill, Breonna Jordan, Miyako Miyazaki and Josh Varcoe

Tyedric Hill

I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember. In fact, my earliest classroom was my home, or wherever my family gathered. My earliest teacher was my mom. Over the years, I’ve established a background enriched and informed by many movement traditions, some of which include capoeira, waving, and stepping. I discovered vernacular jazz and Lindy Hop in 2017, and I haven’t looked back since. 

As a teacher, I love to share historical and cultural context, weaving this into how I explain my approach to movement. My highest goal is helping you to develop your own approach. 

 I’m currently studying house, and continually growing in many street styles. In dance, I value lineage, authenticity, community, partnership and fun. I strive to incorporate these elements in my classes as well. I’m eager to collaborate with everyone!

Breonna Jordan

Some of Breonna’s fondest childhood memories are dancing in the kitchen with her siblings to top 40 radio while dinner was being prepared. Cooking, cleaning, roadtrips – music and dance was a part of everyday life.

But it wasn’t until Breonna moved to New Orleans, where she experienced her first taste of live traditional jazz music, that she realized her affinity for the living art form of jazz dance! 

She has studied and taught Lindy Hop, along with Vernacular Jazz at many different festivals and workshops. As an emerging New Orleans based dance instructor, she values the connections between music, history, and authentic self expression through movement.

Miyako Miyazaki

Miya journey in dance started at the age of 3, evolving into a lifelong passion that has seen her excel as both a professional dancer and instructor, holding a Diploma in Performing Arts. While she’s danced various styles, Miya finds the rhythm and groove felt in jazz is incomparable, and the feeling of connection in swing dancing so addictive.

She is the troupe leader and a teacher for Swing Patrol’s performance troupe Shout!, and a member of the premier jazz dance troupe, The Rhythm Revellers. Miya is also an event organiser of the swing dance party Easy Does It. She has also competed and placed numerous times in Australia in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Balboa. Recently Miya won the Savoy Champions Cup – Australia Qualifier at MLX, placed second in the same competition in Sweden at The Snowball in 2023, and made solo jazz finals at both The Snowball and Authentic Jazz Weekend, South Korea.

In addition to her passion for teaching and performing, Miya loves social dancing, choreographing, collaborating, and continuous learning. Other than swing dancing, Miya is currently learning hip hop and house.

Josh Varcoe

Josh is also a dedicated teacher, having co-anchored the Melbourne CBD venue since 2018 and shared his expertise through guest teaching engagements across town. Furthermore, Josh has played a key role in organising various local swing dance events, driven by his commitment to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive dance scene in Melbourne.

An integral part of Melbourne’s swing dance community, Josh is deeply involved with The Rhythm Revellers, a longstanding troupe that won fourth place in the 2023 ILHC virtual solo jazz team competition. Prior to this, Josh has worked with groups like Shout and the Bayside Strutters, collaborating with a multitude of talented dancers across Melbourne. Alongside Miya, Josh came first place in the Savoy Champions Cup qualifier at MLX 2023 and second place in the same event at The Snowball in Sweden.

Josh believes it’s not just about the dance and the music; it’s about building connections with people who share this dance community.