Why Exchange? Why MR? Why Not?!

Why Exchange? Why MR? Why Not?!

It might seem odd for a scene as young as ours down here in Margaret River to be going all out and holding an exchange, but as crazy as it sounds, the time is right. It’s a great mid-spring time down here, and winter has usually broken, meaning all manner of activities get going again as we all emerge from the rainy winter season. The vines are usually going nuts, and we’re all gearing up for Gourmet Escape and whatever the summer season will throw at us.

But for our dancers, our excellent, enthusiastic dancers, we think it’s about the right time to get them out for a full, intensive weekend of dancing. With a smaller population than Perth (just 14,000 or so), there’s invariably less dancing opportunities. But we’ve got a great little scene down here, and we want to give everyone the best, most substantial dancing opportunities we can. And, to those visiting from the city or further afield, it’s a chance to show off a terrific group of lindy hoppers in fantastic, old-timey, out of town settings. What, ezackly, is better than getting down here for a few days of non-stop-lindy-hop?

Margs has stacks to offer the tourists that visit the area. And along with vines, wines, surf, food & produce and more, we’ve also got a few really fantastic jazz impressarios who make for ripping dancing accompaniment. We’re really proud to be showing off our dancers, venues and musicians – so come see it all and have a ripping time with us this October.

Post by – Cam Haskell

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Why Exchange? Why MR? Why Not?!