The Low Down

The perfect excuse to visit Margaret River

What is an Exchange?

Swing Dance exchanges began as a way for different dance scenes to interact and enjoy unique styles that imerge through social dancing. They grew to include workshops from traveling international teachers. It’s a festival dedicated to swing dancing, to celebrate the music and the African-American culture associated with Lindy Hop.

2021 has been another year of changed plans and silver linings. South West Swing still may not be able to present you with the biggest Boogie Down South yet, but we are fortunate enough to present you with another mini festival – Mini Dip South! (It’s not so bad being 3 hours south of the most remote city in the world!)

It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet new fabulous people that are also into this old timey dance. Plus, who wouldn’t want to show off beautiful Margaret River and all it has to offer? World-class beaches, forests, amazing wine and food, nature hikes and caves make it a destination worth visiting on their own, before you get your feet onto the floor.

Interested in getting involved?

Let us know if you want to be more actively involved in Boogie Down South 2021. Contact us at