Ride On…

Ride On…

Ride on…

Sure you can drive around the joint. Heck, you can walk. But there’s some great ways to explore the region.  Whether riding bikes, boats, boards or horses Margaret River offers plenty for the adventurous.


On yer bike

Right on the doorstep of those of you staying at Wharncliffe Mill are a whole series of mountain biking trails. You can hire a bike right there, and ride off into the forest – it literally could not be easier to explore this beautiful bushland.

Further down the road is the Hairy Marron Café is just down the road at the bottom of town, and also offers bike hire, and again, has a bike trail right on its doorstep. It won’t take long for you to figure out why Margs has such a large and active mountain biking scene.

Surf’s up

Margaret River is a globally renowned surf spot – not just for the size and consistency of the waves available, but for the diversity of the breaks. What this means is that even if you’re literally just dipping your toe into the surfing waters, you can still find a spot that isn’t going to scare you witless. Best of all, there’s stacks of options in terms of learning. Surfing, stand-up paddle

boarding and kayaking are all pretty commonplace, and it’s a great way to get into the spring waters that can be, ahem, life affirming [you mean freezing, right? – Ed] They’ll cater to all sorts of levels and abilities, so don’t be intimidated by the scene or the waves themselves.

Pony Up

If cycling seems like a bit much effort, or you prefer the feeling of jodhpurs to lycra, then Jester’s Flat in Rosa Brook is the place for you. I am on record as saying that the world looks good from a horse. And when you’re guided by spiffing guides through very pretty bushland it looks GREAT.

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