Q&A with Maja Hellsten

Q&A with Maja Hellsten

Let us introduce you to Maja Hellsten!

Here is what Maja has to say about dancers that inspire her, what Lindy Hop means to her and what she is looking forward to on her trip to Australia.

-What was your first experience with Lindy Hop?

A dance camp for kids in Sweden, 1996. We got to try different types of swing dances.

– What got you hooked on Lindy?

My first time at Herang Dance camp.

– What does Lindy Hop mean to you?

Connecting with people

– This will be your first trip to Australia, what are you looking forward to, excited about, unsure about?

I’m always excited about meeting new people from other cultures.

– Who is your favourite dancer? Why?

Oh wow, I could never choose only one. It’s like choosing one favourite song. Who I get inspired by changes all the time, and othen it’s not even dancers that I get most inspiration from. But some very famous dancers that I tend to always come back to are: The Nicholas brothers, The Berry Brothers, Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Jenni Le Gon and of course Whiteys Lindy Hoppers.

– How are you contributing to the world Lindy Hop community?

I believe in the saying “Sharing is caring”.

Very rarely I bring out my fanciest shoes that hurts my feet. Mostly I wear shoes that support my feet and knees. For acrobatics thick soles are most important and for social dancing I like shoes that have a bit slippery soles that are easier on the knees.

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