Q&A with Michelle Lee

Q&A with Michelle Lee

Meet – Michelle Lee!

We’re super excited to have rising stars of the global lindy hop scene teaching in Aus for the first time. So to get you prepped for an onslaught of awesome instruction, here’s a quick Q&A with Marvelous Michelle Lee.

Seoul is the biggest swing scene in the world. What makes it so special? And what will you bring to us from the scene?

That is one big mystery to us, too. Why Seoul? Here’s one theory: Koreans have loved musical art naturally, but didn’t have much chance to show them, because of the conservatory culture and education system. Now, Koreans are full of passion to dance and that’s what I’m going to bring to you!

Who has been the biggest influence on your dancing (besides Jung-Pil)?

I love dancers who have their own unique and creative styles. Dancing with my partner, but at the same time, dancing for my own pleasure. That’s my goal as a follower.

What do you like most about teaching?

One of the reasons why I love Lindy Hop is that, in Lindy Hop, we don’t only follow the traditional styles, but also accept various new ones, if it works. I love to share my own style, and I hope my students also get inspired.

What were the most important things for you to remember when learning?

When you’re in a class, trust your teachers and follow their instructions, at least while you’re taking it. You can decide what you like and what fits you, later. More importantly, the best teacher is yourself, and think about what makes more like “YOU”.

As a follow, what things do you really try to focus on? What has made your style your own?

Basically, I focus both on my partner and music. I’d like to listen to music, understand it, and discuss it with the partner, while dancing. I think that such consideration made my style.

If you could go back and change anything when you were learning, what would it be?

I would listen to Swing Jazz more and more, and more. You cannot think of dance without music.

What do you like the most: Charleston, lindy, 6-count or Bal?

I find all interesting, but my favorite is still Lindy Hop. I don’t even have time to work on other dances, because I’m still short of time for dancing Lindy Hop!

What’s your favourite song to dance to?

Makin’ Whoopee, Happy, and All of Me.
Happy makes me always happy.

Besides doing loads of dancing, what are you looking forward to doing whilst down here?

People! Food! Animals! (Can I see animals there?)

Kimchi and Kangaroo. Good match or a combination abomination?

Once Kangaroos meet Kimchi, they will be addicted to it. 😉


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