Q&A with Jung-Pil Choi

Q&A with Jung-Pil Choi

We’re super lucky to have Jung-Pil Choi and his partner Michelle Lee out here to teach (and dance) at Boogie Down South. It’s their first trip to Australia, and they’re sure to make an impression.  To find out more about Jung-Pil and his dancing worldview, read on….

– We’re super excited to have you guys coming all this way to teach. What can we expect?

We always emphasize basic techniques and social dancing, because the social dancing is the reason why we love Lindy Hop, and the basic techniques are what enable you to genuinely enjoy social dancing. We’d like to share our knowledge with you and dance a lot!

– Who has been the biggest influence on your dancing (besides Michelle)?

I don’t have one or two specific roll models, but many have influenced me. Famous or not, all the unique dancers are inspirational, and that makes my dance unique.

– What’s the best thing about dancing in Seoul compared to other places?

You can dance Lindy Hop every night, and mostly there are more than one venue open. When you go dancing, it’s not hard to find floors packed with more than 300 dancers.

– What did you like most about your first lindy hop exchange?

My very first Lindy Hop exchange was Osaka Mini Exchange in 2007. During the event, I was impressed with such various styles, each dancer from different origin has. And I always like to meet new friends, who have common interest and passion with me.

– As a lead, what things do you focus on? What makes your dancing unique?

I think that being unique and creative is the most important aspect dancers need to have. In order to be so, you should not copy from others, but create on your own. Don’t be afraid to fail or look stupid, and just keep trying something new while dancing. That’s how you find your own style that actually fits you.

– Outside of your home town, where’s the best place to dance (besides Margaret River!)

Besides Margaret River?! Hmm… Most dancers will agree that Herräng Dance Camp is the best place to dance, just because that’s all you do there. Eat, dance, sleep, and dance.

– What’s your favourite song to dance to?

So many. I like most kinds of songs, slow or fast, but I prefer to dance to slow ones such as Makin’ Whoopee, or Stars Fell on Alabama.

– Gochujang Fried Chicken or Bibimbap?

Samgyupsal! (sorry)

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